We organize workshops, talks and webinars on finding a job in Finland, writing a great CV or acing your interview. Our events are open to everyone and free of charge. Have a look at our upcoming events.

Upcoming events

25.5 - ask me anything about unions

Unions can be a great way to find support and career guidance, especially in a country where you’re not native. Join our ‘Ask me anything about Unions’ to answer all of your pending questions when joining the unions.

20.5 - Life Coaching session

Join our workshop to learn tools of self-compassion and how to be kinder with yourself. This is a safe space to explore ways to deal with the mean voice in your head. 


2.6 - The spy who hired me

Join our ‘The spy who hired me’ business and marketing edition for a unique networking experience. You won’t know who is a recruiter and who isn’t. You have to treat everyone in the room as if they potentially could be a recruiter.

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All of our digital events are recorded and uploaded to our Youtube channel. Watch our most recent events and make sure to follow us. 

looking for something else?

We got you covered! Have a look at our other services:

Jessi Christian speaking Spark Academy Program


Join our upskilling and reskilling programs to start a new career path or elevate your skills.

Two women coaching


We offer career coaching services via the Työ-SIB program and career coaching videos.

Two People with Computers Talent Community


Join our Talent Community to receive job opportunities and workshop invitations according to your background.