The Shortcut is an impact-driven non-profit organization dedicated to professional integration, career transformation and entrepreneurship in Finland. We are deeply embedded in the startup ecosystem, funded by the Startup Foundation and are a sister organization to Slush, Maria 01 and Junction. 

We bridge the gap between job seekers and companies in Finland by providing in-demand training and fostering a growth mindset in the community. 

(Since 2016)

249 Events

teaching about the Finnish job market and startup world.

40 Programs

for you to reskill & upskill or grow your business.

374 New Employments

from our program attendees and career coaching.

93 new entrepreneurs

from our program attendees and career coaching.


Yacine Samb Google Spark Academy Speech Program


Making a difference is our goal. We choose our strategy and methods to get results.

Women Talking at The Shortcut


The Shortcut is a community that celebrates learning. There are ups and downs throughout the process and it is okay. Learning is never a linear process.


We are at the forefront of teaching in-demand skills and growth mindset for the companies of the future.


Our team members, speakers and mentors walk the talk. We share the vital lessons we learned along the way.

These People Make It Happen

Our team is dedicated to help you with your business or your job seeking journey. You can book a meeting with each of us according to our expertise. 

Please keep in mind that meetings are only open to our community. If you want to talk about collaboration or a service/product you provide, please send us an email instead.

Inga Chernova

Inga Chernova   (She/Her)


inga.chernova @theshortcut.org 

You can book a meeting with me about:

Starting your own company, pitching & storytelling, investor relations.

Charlotta Kauranne

charlotta kauranne   (She/Her)

Director of Operations & Revenue

charlotta.kauranne @theshortcut.org

You can book a meeting with me about:

Project planning, feedback on business plans, branding, pitching and CV reviews.

Vickie weng   (She/Her)

Head of Partnership Development

vickie.weng @theshortcut.org

You can book a meeting with me about:

Integration, networking, brandstorming & ideation, pitching & public speaking.

Jessi Christian   (She/Her)

Head of Marketing

jessi.christian @theshortcut.org

You can book a meeting with me about:

Networking, Personal Branding, Marketing, blogging & writing, and career confidence.

Ekaterina Berdysheva About Team

Ekaterina Berdysheva   (She/Her)

Events Specialist

ekaterina @theshortcut.org

You can book a meeting with me about:

Event organization and hosting, community building, accelerators & pitching, diversity and inclusion at work, financial administration and reporting, mock interviews

Virpi Jalonen   (She/Her)

Career Coach

virpi.jalonen @theshortcut.org

You can book a meeting with me about:

Career coaching, finding your strenghs, job search strategy, personal development plans, CV & LinkedIn & portfolio reviews, creative job applications, interviews

Anna Weissenberg About Team

Anna Weissenberg   (She/Her)

Career Coach

anna.weissenberg @theshortcut.org

You can book a meeting with me about:

Career coaching, career change, career development, CV & LinkedIn profile reviews, cover letters, applications, Finnish society & media

victoria Tran   (She/Her)

Marketing Assistant

victoria.tran @theshortcut.org

You can book a meeting with me about:

Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Hospitality Management

Vivian Maar

Vivian Maar   (She/her)

Project Manager Spark Academy

vivian.maar @theshortcut.org

You can book a meeting with me about:

Career confidence, starting your company, business plan feedback, growing your company & acquiring first customers.

Niels Marselis

Niels Marselis   (He/Him)

Project Coordinator

[email protected] 

You can book a meeting with me about:

CV advice, soft (presentation) skills, mock interview, integration.

anna hiltunen   (she/her)

Talent and Service Coordinator

anna.hiltunen @theshortcut.org

You can book a meeting with me about:

Career change, adult education, organisational development, career in international development, work-family balance

Joppe Quaedvlieg

Joppe Quaedvlieg   (he/Him)

Career Coach & Community Manager

[email protected] 

You can book a meeting with me about:

Networking, pitching & public speaking, expressing your skills

Sofie van Dam

Sofie van Dam   (She/Her)

Program Intern

sofie.vandam @theshortcut.org 


Who supports us behind the scenes


Nelli Såger

Board Member


Abby Ridenour Erkintalo

Board Member


Maria Krajewska-Olkkonen

Chairperson and Board Member

Ville Karkiainen Board

Ville Karkiainen

Board Member

Anne Badan Board

Anne Badan

Co-founder and Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Chairperson and Board Member

Board Member

Co-founder and Board Member

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