The Shortcut is an environment that is happy, safe, accepting, and for everyone.


Emerging from the tech ecosystem in 2016, The Shortcut has become the largest talent accelerator in the Nordics. A sister organisation to Slush, Maria 01, Junction, and Wave Ventures, The Shortcut is a not-for-profit talent accelerator dedicated to enhancing and expanding the startup community. With a robust set of skill-stacking, employment and community services, The Shortcut’s main objective is to scale our offering to allow partners to acquire the right talent, retain the best people, and expand employees’ skill sets to facilitate entrepreneurship, growth and innovation. Located in Maria 01, The Shortcut is at the epicenter of the Nordics’ startup community.


Everyone in our community deserves and should expect to feel safe and welcome at our events, in our space, and with our staff. By establishing a code of conduct The Shortcut is able to create an environment that is happy, safe, accepting, and for everyone. This code of conduct outlines The Shortcut’s expectations regarding employee, intern, volunteer, community member and event attendee’s conduct. Any breach of these principles will lead to disciplinary action.


All employees, interns, volunteers, community members and event attendees are expected to adhere to The Shortcut’s code of conduct across all activities.

Code of conduct

When participating in any activity associated with The Shortcut, I will:

  1. Comply with local law
  2. Show professionalism and integrity
  3. Act and work openly and collaboratively
  4. Respect all members of The Shortcut and will not:
    • Stereotype
    • Use racist or discriminatory language
    • Bully other members
    • Harass other members
    • Discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religious beliefs or other traits
    • Condone, encourage or advocate any of the above behaviors
  5. Protect & Respect The Shortcut’s property including The Shortcut’s office space
  6. Not participate in any activity that could be considered a conflict of interest
  7. Comply with any other of The Shortcut’s policies where appropriate
  8. Not plagiarize other people’s work

Disciplinary action

Failure to comply with The Shortcut’s code of conduct will result in one of the following actions, depending on the severity of the violation:

  • Reprimand
  • Removal from The Shortcut’s activities
  • Permanent expulsion from The Shortcut’s activities
  • Permanent expulsion from The Shortcut’s office space
  • Termination of contract

What to do if you observe inappropriate conduct

If you are a victim of or observe inappropriate conduct you must inform The Shortcut HR team immediately: [email protected]