FRequently asked questions

Our why, how, what and more.

The Shortcut is the place for meaningful professional integration and career transformation in Finland. We support our community through upskilling and reskilling programs, events, career coaching, and our talent community.

We provide five different services to help you start a career in Finland – events, programs, career coaching, our talent community and our online learning hub. We help you learn new skills, elevate your current skills, and get a competitive advantage in the Finnish job market. We offer both soft skills (CV review, career workshops) and hard skills training (full-stack development, digital marketing) to help you thrive in your career.

We offer our community the opportunity to build a network and find hidden jobs because over 70% of jobs in Finland are never advertised. Having the right connections can open the door to opportunities you never even knew about!

We are here to be the springboard for your startup or business venture. We offer entrepreneurship programs to help you start your own business (BYOB, Spark Academy) and bring your business idea to life. Our events offer additional tips and ideas for growing your own company from scratch. 

Companies need people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds to bring growth — that means we need talent with experience in human resources, sales, product development, digital marketing, etc. At The Shortcut, we strive to encourage people to not only enhance their skills but to transfer and update their skills, and to give them a chance to re-invent their careers; so you’re more than welcome to join our events regardless of background! Take a look at our current events to see if anything sparks your interest.

We post updates about upcoming events and programs on our social media channels – but you can stay more easily updated about everything that’s going on at The Shortcut by subscribing to our newsletter.

Everything we do at The Shortcut is at no cost for participants.

The Shortcut is part of the Startup Foundation aiming to build the Nordic region towards a leading global startup ecosystem. We share the same parent company with Slush, Junction, Wave Ventures, and Maria01.

We are a non-profit organization. No individuals or companies have shares, equity, or receive dividends. All proceeds fund our core operations.

Our team is as diverse as our community: we have team members from four generations speaking 14 languages and 9 nationalities. 

The Shortcut is a non-profit. We are funded through donations, foundation grants, service provision, and private partnerships. 

We advertise job announcements on our LinkedIn channel and they are also listed on The Hub.