Services for municipalities

Is your municipality looking for an effective solution to:

  • attract investors and stimulate the local economy?
  • retain international talents in the region?
  • tackle the costly issue of unemployment?


At The Shortcut, we empower municipalities to achieve these goals by providing training and coaching to help unemployed individuals find jobs and support new businesses. Our tailored solutions help retain and attract foreign talent, reintegrate unemployed individuals into the workforce, and foster a vibrant local economy.

With years of experience and success in driving positive social impacts in the Uusimaa region, we are now bringing our services to municipalities all across Finland!  

Partner with us to build a thriving, inclusive, and prosperous future for your residents and businesses.


cost of unemployment

In 2023, each unemployed person cost €14 249 in unemployment support and benefits.

This number does not include the cost of long-term unemployment.

high rate of unemployment

On average, nearly 10% of the Finnish working population are unemployed as of 1/2024.

Among them, 15% are internationals, while 34% face long-term unemployment (1+ year).

retention and integration

Municipalities need professional support in retaining and integrating international talents and their families into the local society and workforce.


attracting investors

Municipalities need to bring in investments to grow the local economy. Therefore, they need tools and assistance to help make their regions attractive to investors.


our solutions

We offer tailored solutions for your municipality to help grow its economy and workforce. 

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how it works

Fill in your information and interests in the contact form. Please provide us with as much information as possible about your needs.

Our team will reach out to you and arrange the first meeting to discuss the current situation and tailor our solutions to best fit your municipality.

The shortcut integration services

The changes to TEPA & KOTO services present municipalities with new challenges. To help municipalities, we offer fast track training & employment programs tailored for new work areas.

Service package includes:


your shortcut back to work

This service is targeted to highly educated people who are facing unemployment. It is available to both international and domestic talents from any cities or municipalities.

Service includes:

  • Online Bootcamp 
  • Introduction call and individual coaching
  • Access into The Shortcut’s Talent Community
  • Unlimited coaching contents related to career counselling, coaching, and entrepreneurship

spouse career coaching program

Personalized and adaptable career coaching for international spouses, with unlimited topics related to career, entrepreneurship and integration in Finland by a local coach.

Service includes:

  • Interactive group coaching sessions and workshops  
  • Introduction call and individual coaching
  • Access into The Shortcut’s Talent Community
  • Invitations into The Shortcut’s Career Workshops and Events

spark program

The Shortcut’s Spark Program is the first-ever and leading early-stage entrepreneurship program for female and non-binary entrepreneurs launched in Finland.

This is a 3-month long in-house and hands-on training & practice of key entrepreneurial mindset and skills, including:

  • How to set up a business
  • Whether to start new or buy existing companies
  • Market research, idea testing and validation, funding and financing, sales and pitching skills
  • Resilience, time management, leadership, communication and well-being
  • Local group sessions that help build confidence, track results, provide guidance, connections and mentorship

In the last cohort of the program, over 40% of the entrepreneurs founded a company within 6 months.

career coaching starter pack

Starter pack includes:


The service aims to find out the situation & need in the municipality, help with career advances & entrepreneurship, and test how well the organization can handle new employment and integration responsibilities.

työ-sib 2.1

Työ-SIB is the national career coaching program for long-term unemployed people commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, coordinated by S-pankki and TE-offices.

Now, The Shortcut extends this service to cover all interested municipalities and/or work-areas.

  • No limit on participants with The Shortcut – the municipality can set their own limits
  • Target employment rate: 45%
  • Dedicated local coach!

the short list

For companies a simple channel to find employees.

Easy for those searching for employment to use.


Affordable for small companies 

Help with “Palkkatuki” whenever feasible.

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