Exciting news! We are thrilled to introduce Riikka Loisamo, our new CEO, ready to infuse our journey with a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to driving positive change.

With a rich background spanning 12 years across Singapore, Taiwan, and Kenya, Riikka brings a truly global perspective to the table. A business and law school graduate, she started off in banking before transitioning to the dynamic world of tech with Slush, playing a crucial role in its expansion to Singapore. With all that experience under her belt, Riikka has now chosen to lead us here at The Shortcut and help us expand our operations and services.


Riikka is a staunch advocate for more diversity in Finland, humorously quipping that in doing so, she wouldn’t have to venture abroad again. 

I joined The Shortcut in order to make Finland a more international and diverse place, so that I don’t need to leave Finland for the fourth time!”

While much progress has been made in Finland regarding internationalization, Riikka recognizes that there’s still ample room for improvement, especially in fostering interaction between Finns and newcomers to the country. She firmly believes that workplaces serve as vital platforms for social integration, making diversity not just a goal, but a cornerstone of our success.

During the last 10 years, Finland, or at least the Helsinki region, has become more international but there is still little interaction between Finns and people coming from abroad. Therefore, workplaces are a very important way of integrating people into the Finnish society and so is finding them employment opportunities.”

commitment to change

Riikka is determined to support international talents in Finland, believing it to not only be beneficial for the economy but also for creating a vibrant and inclusive society. She especially advocates for a shift in mindset of traditionally Finnish companies to embrace diverse recruitment as a window to new innovation and perspectives.

I think more diversity will make Finland not only more prosperous, but also a more fun place to live in. We need to change the mindset of those companies that have no foreign talent yet and help them to take the first step.”

As The Shortcut embarks on this new chapter under Riikka’s leadership, we’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Let’s join forces and work towards a future where diversity and innovation thrive, making Finland an even more dynamic and prosperous nation.

Author: Evan Bui