Everyone knows having a good CV is crucial to landing that dream job you want. Unfortunately, in a sea of well-qualified applications, simply having the right skills or qualifications does not cut it anymore. The fact is even excellent candidates get lost in the shuffle sometimes. But you can greatly reduce the risk by knowing how to make a strong first impression with your documents, especially your CV. 

If you are wondering how to exactly do that, don’t worry, because you’re in good hands. Our career coaches at The Shortcut have put together a handy compilation of their tried-and-true tips for writing a CV that stands out among the rest. This cheat sheet covers everything you need to know about CVs, from customization to free CV building tools using AI. Check it out below, and feel free to bookmark this page for future reference!

Infographic: Top CV Tips for Jobseekers

If you’re looking for ways to improve your current CV, why not give these tips a try? Remember that even small changes could lead to big impacts. Also keep in mind that it might be hard to redesign your CV at first, but with enough time and practice, you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

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Author: Evan Bui (text), The Shortcut Career Coaches Team (infographic)