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The Shortcut is the place for meaningful professional integration and career transformation in Finland. We are an impact-driven non-profit organization that bridges the gap between job seekers and companies in Finland by providing in-demand training and fostering a growth mindset in the community where educated individuals can upskill and build meaningful careers.

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The Shortcut Spark Academy launches to fight gender imbalance in the startup ecosystem Finland is often seen as one of the leading countries when it comes to gender equality in the workforce. However, when it comes to the number of women starting their own business, Finland has seen little change in the past years:

“The share of female entrepreneurs here [in Finland] has remained at 30 percent for the past decade.” – Good News From Finland


Lilia Goriachih, 26, had her own beauty salon in Ukraine – now she dreams of getting a job in Finland, but there are many challenges ahead.

Lilia fled Ukraine on the first day of the war. Now she is already in an entrepreneurship coaching program.

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