Entrepreneur of the Month: Mir Jatoi with law firm Nordiclex

In this month’s edition of the Entrepreneur of the Month series, we’d like to introduce you to Mir Jatoi, a former participant in Työ-SIB coaching program turns CEO of Nordiclex, a law firm that provides legal and consultancy services for both businesses and individuals.

Nordiclex is dedicated to provide exceptional legal services, helping new businesses to enter the Nordic market from the first company registration process. The company also assists international newcomers in Finland by providing necessary legal guidance for residency applications and matters related to the Finnish Immigration Services.   

“Adaptability, resilience, and customer focus are central to my learning journey”

Each entrepreneur has a unique learning curve that leads them to where they are today. We ask Mir to reflect on what his entrepreneurial journey has taught him, and what he believes has been instrumental in running his own company.

“My entrepreneurial journey has taught me the significance of staying abreast of legal developments, prioritizing client satisfaction and fostering a collaborative team environment.

Mir further attributes the current success of Nordiclex to three factors: adaptability, resilience, and customer focus. With these three values always in mind, the firm is able to stay focused on building strong client relationships and delivering results-driven solutions. 

Adaptability, resilience, and customer focus are central to my learning journey, guiding me to innovate and grow. Through effective communication and a strong team, I have navigated challenges, prioritized quality, and embraced innovation for sustained success while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

upholding professionalism through communication

The best thing for an aspiring entrepreneur is being able to learn from past mistakes and experiences of those that went before. This way, they don’t have to make the same mistake themselves and know how to avoid the common pitfalls before they happen. Therefore, we ask Mir to share with the Shortcut community what he believes is the best practice to minimize mistakes.

In the legal business, mistakes have weighty consequences. From documentation errors to misinterpretations of law, each misstep impacts clients’ trust and outcomes,” Mir says. “Hence, I pay careful attention to detail; clear communication is critical to uphold professionalism and integrity.

Flashback: Mir supporting us at a Shortcut event!

access to justice for all

With Nordiclex thriving at the moment, Mir is already setting his sight on the bright future of the law firm, specifically by enhancing accessibility to legal aid for everyone and maintaining the high level of quality services to clients. 

“My dream for the legal business is to continue expanding, reaching, and impacting while upholding fundamental human rights and ensuring access to justice for all,he shares. “I aim to streamline processes, enhance accessibility, and deliver even greater value to my clients.”

Mir further reveals that his long-term personal goal is something that extends beyond being an entrepreneur or running a law firm. He wants to inspire people in the community through his work experience and be an ardent supporter of justice for the everyday people.

“Ultimately, I aspire to be recognized as a leader, trusted advisor, and advocate for justice in our community,he says.

Author: Evan Bui