Career coaching for International talents in Rauma

Are you a person or student with an international background living in Rauma?

Are you looking for a way to break into the Finnish job market but have not had much luck by yourself?

Then you are at the right place! Welcome to our Coaching Program for International Talents in the Rauma region, designed to help people like you on your job search journey.

This program is a collaboration of The Shortcut and International House Rauma and is made possible by the City of Rauma, Satakunnan ELY-Center and TE-Office.

Max 12 Participants

3 Workshops + 1-on-1 Coaching

Entirely free

career coaching for international talents in rauma

Personalized Strategies for International Talents

Our career coaching program is tailored specifically for international talents in Rauma, offering personalised guidance, strategies, and insights to help you navigate the Finnish job market, enhance your professional skills, and unlock your full potential. 

The kick-off event for the program is held on 16.4.2024. The next session will be held on 2.5.2024 and the last one on 14.5.2024. All sessions take place at Rauma City Library, Alfredinkatu 1, 26100 Rauma

Please note that once you are accepted to the program it is mandatory to participate in person on all three sessions.

Who is it for?

This program is for you who have an international background and are seeking job opportunities or entrepreneurship. This is for you if you are interested in developing your skills in applying for jobs and understanding a bit more about working life in Finland and Rauma. You might have been here already for a longer time or just arrived. You may be an international student at SAMK near graduation, outside the job market or needing temporary protection. 

THE program

We are offering a 1-month long coaching and training program. The program consists of three group coaching events and 2 hours of individual coaching for each participant. 

Training includes three group sessions that help you better understand the Finnish working culture, how to prepare your CV and job applications and where to find job opportunities. We’ll also have a look at starting your own business in Finland and who to know in Rauma. 

You also have a chance to personal coaching online with The Shortcut’s experienced career coaches, where you will be working on your personal strengths and goals. You will update your job application documents and social media profile and find out ways to map out interesting jobs, networking and employment opportunities.

How to Apply

Please fill in the application form here until April 11th. We would love to hear from you, especially about:

  • Your motivation, how you would benefit from this program
  • Your past difficulty in looking for employment in Finland
  • Your questions for our coaches and trainers


Got more questions?

Reach out to us at: 
[email protected]